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About Us

Our Story

From UpWork To Partnership-Focused Creative Agency.

A few short years ago, DEFY Creative & Co. was born out of the need for brands to not only have talented, high performing design and marketing support but to be able to work with someone directly who was in their shoes. A brand always need to stay competitive with the latest creative, marketing and technology solutions but the biggest growth opportunities lie within uncovering and sharing fundamental keystone ideas within a brand. We are a small nimble team, but we are prepared to work with you in growing a power-house brand.

Data Driven Design

By linking design and data we bring exciting new changes that actually move the bottom line.

Our Team

We are excited to meet you and work alongside your team.

Erik Gussey

Brand Strategist

Austin Nigrelli


Nick Petersen


Gio Orta

CRM Automation

Anthony Celentano


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